My work explores spirituality in art making. I was raised in the Protestant Church where ideas around religion and spirituality were ingrained in me in terms of how I saw and experienced the world around me; this continues to be how I see the world today. It is through this perspective that I approach the process of making. 

The painting surface is smooth, and the paints are fluid, ready to flow freely over the surface. A colour is chosen, and applied; the water causes the colour to dissipate out from the point of impact. A second colour is chosen and painted onto the surface, it begins to mix with the colour that is already there, creating a movement of colour and form. The unexpected happens when the excess water and colour began to pool together on the surface and throughout the process of drying create water marks in the form of organic rings

Through painting I am exploring the process of making while maintaining faith by letting go of control. This allows for an acceptance of the unknown, an openness to the possibilities of the outcome of the painting. It is in this moment of surrender that the paintings for me transcend into the power of the spiritual. The paintings are abstract and visualize the passage of time and process. Their fluid appearance of the pieces allude to an ethereal atmosphere, that is delicate and light.